The Black and White Struggle for the Domination of the Earth
Volume II
The History of the N Word...
Libya - Why We Call President
Obama a Racist...
The Longevity of Ancient Blacks...
Garlic and Vitamin C
The History of the N Word...Copyright 2013 by TJ

The N word is a greatly misunderstood word,
mainly misunderstood by young Blacks of today.
Amongst today's youth many of them profess the
N word to be a word of endearment when used
by Blacks against Blacks and see no harm or
shame in using the N word with much gusto.
However, neither our ancestors nor our youths of
today created the N word, nor authored its

The N word has at least 13 different ways of
being spelled and spoken and pronunciations
used by contemporary Blacks are not modern at
all, but old versions thought to be new by those
with little connections to their ancestors’ far
reaching historical past.

Then N word is not a word of endearment for
Black people, young or old. Sweetheart is a word
of endearment, and you never hear a person
saying, “I am going to slap you, sweetheart.”
However, you often hear people say something
like, “I am going to kill you nigger.” Just because
Black people freely call one another the N word
doesn’t make it a word of endearment. It is a
word that expresses loathing for. It is a word that
devalues and discounts the victim’s humanity
and self-worth.

It is only an assumption here, but, perhaps, a
correct assumption, that many Black mothers
who frequently call their children the N word are
also physically or verbally abusive toward their
children. And this syndrome strikes across the
heart of Black America from low to high.

For Black people who are abusive toward Black
people in jest or anger, it is their favorite word. It
is a word, unfortunately, that has been
embraced by many Black Americans - we mock
our masters of old who called us the N word with
great fluidity to tease or taunt us at will.

Every race of people in power has a word to
dehumanize weaker or disliked races such as
abo in Australia, chink for Chinese, dink for
Vietnamese, jap for Japanese, kaffir for Black
South Africans, spic for Hispanic, and so on.
Almost all of these disliked people by the White
race at some point in history have categorically
rejected the abusive terms applied to them,
except Black Americans.

Oddly, we embrace the N word as long as it is
not being used by White people, keeping the
insulting term alive.

Some people say that the N word comes from
the African river of Niger or from the country of
Nigeria, which is simply not true because these
geographical terms came into play in the fifteen
or in the sixteen hundreds by non-Africans long
after the N word was in play as a pejorative term.
Leo Africanus gave the Niger River its non-
African name in the 1500s when he wrote his
A Geographical History of Africa. He spoke
and wrote Latin, and, being an Arab outside of
the Italian circles of power, he may not have
been aware that “niger” was a pejorative term
and simply thought that niger represented the
color black in the like manner that those who
speak Spanish are not aware that the word
negro comes from the Latin word niger.

The N word was invented by the ancient Romans
at a time when they were trying to kill off the
Black people in North Africa, the Middle East,
and Europe. Black here simply means a culture
of people with a general characteristic of dark
skin colors in comparison to the most common
skin color of the Romans whose ancestors
migrated from the Steppes of Asia.

The Romans spoke Latin and the Latin word for
black is “niger” almost pronounced the same way
as the N word. However, lividus and ater also
mean black in Latin, but the latter two do not
have negative connotations.

Niger was created by the Romans to define
people they wanted to wipe out or enslave, and
for whom they saw as subhumans. Therefore,
the N word means a subhuman with no legal or
God given right to occupy the planet but by the
grace of a “superior” human or humans.

In short, the N word means below human.

From the Romans, the N word spread to cultures
speaking English (Negro), Spanish (negro),
German (neger) Italian (Nero), and French
(negre) - with the Roman Latin “niger” being the
mother of the previously mentioned words.

The Romans destroyed Black Carthage and the
Carthaginian Empire of North Africa, the
Mediterranean, and Spain. After that they went
after the pre-Islamic Moors, the Egyptians, and
the Ethiopians, referring to these great people as
nigers in their secretive plots to exterminate or
enslave them. As a result of their plunder, the
Romans killed around 100 million Blacks under
the rule of Emperor Justinian alone during his
demonic reign.

And from this culture of bloodshed, the N word

It is interesting to note that the so-called
respectable word Negro is really a code for the N
word. And the Negro was considered
intellectually inferior to the White race and
deserving of being enslaved for its own salvation
- once mainstream thought for almost all White
people in Europe and the United States.

So, to Whites exposed to esoteric knowledge,
the N word means subhuman or a group of
people marked for extermination who exists
outside of their Aryan political circles - that would
be us.

When Western Europe moved to colonize the
world the colonizers from Portugal, England, the
Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium to France
thought of the darker skinned people they saw
as subhumans to be exploited, enslaved, or
colonized from Thailand to Africa. The
colonizers, from low to high, thought of all the
darker skinned peoples they saw as below
human and treated them like such. Those that
they could not exploit in one form or another they
tried to exterminate for their land and resources.

When the Western world start enslaving mainly
Black Africans for labor within its border,
inclusive of the United States, the enslavers
started using the N word exclusively for Black
people and somewhat acknowledged the near
human status of other races such as Asians,
Arabs, and Indians. For scientific, religious, and
covert political reasons, they utilized the more
polite term Negro for Black people to soften and
to justify colonization, enslavement, and religious
conversion as worthy causes to uplift and save
the “heathens” from themselves; for the N word
implied harming, not helping.

In an operational sense, most White people
know the N word means subhuman or applied to
those marked to go the way of the mastodons.
That knowledge is passed down by them from
one generation to the next. The word conveys
loathing and was most used by Whites when
Blacks were at their weakest points in history,
during direct slavery and colonization.

However, as Blacks have proven themselves to
be well above subhuman and broke the yoke of
slavery and colonization the employment of the
N word has lessened among Whites but has
increased among Black Americans.


It is because the Black American race has been
mentally damaged by the White race, and that is
why we call ourselves the N word with pride and
Libya - Why We Call President Obama a Racist…

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, the United States
attacked Libya with “authorization” from the UN
Security Council Resolution 1073 which
authorized all necessary measures to protect
civilians in Libya. President Obama  gave the
United States military full permission to attack a
nation which was one-third indigenous Black
people and led by a man, Colonel Gaddafi, who
had given billions to help develop Africa, Black

England, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, and
others, through NATO, joined the United States
in attacking Libya from the air. These nations
attacked Libya when the government of Libya, led
by Colonel Gaddafi, was on the verge of winning
the war against the Islamic Fundamentalists and
Al Qaeda’s holy soldiers fighting to oust a non-
Arab from power and to create an Arabic
government more favorable to Islam and Sharia

Though the rebels were against the invested
interests of the United States and Western
Europe, they had the full backing and support
from both powerhouses. President Obama went
on television doing a jiggaboo dance trying to
justify to “White” people why it was necessary to
take military actions against Libya, to protect the
people from their threatening dictator without
Congressional approval.

The United States alone dropped around one
million pounds of bombs on Libya, and this figure
does not include the poundage of bombs
dropped by other NATO nations. The United
States fired 200 Tomahawk missiles at Libya
carrying warheads of one thousand pounds each
from her warships and submarines in the
Mediterranean Sea. U.S. B-2 bombers dropped
forty-five 2,000 pound bombs on certain Libyan
cities. U.S. War jets flew around 800 strike sorties
in Libya and other NATO nations flew over 9700
sorties of which 7700 were bomb attacks. So
thoroughly was Libya bombed by Western jets it
was reported that a fighter returned to his base
with all of the ordinance complaining that he
couldn’t find any targets to hit.

Basically, Libya was destroyed by the United
States and NATO. Manufacturing companies,
residential neighborhoods, governmental
buildings, some water supply facilities, hospitals,
schools, and electricity plants were obliterated in
NATO’s efforts to protect the Libyan from their
dictator. How many innocent Libyans died from
the bombing of the country? We may never
know, but we can only guess that many civilians
perished and will perish.

However, the horrors in Libya have not ended
with the United States and NATO’s bombing
cessations. It has only begun. The most
progressive country in all of Africa has been
destroyed and it will take decades to physically
restore Libya to what it was before the attack, and
the social structures of Libya may never return to
what it was before because the new
governmental leaders and officials only want to
exploit the country to enrich themselves and their
Aryan masters.

Libya has around 150 billion dollars invested
around the world. That money will eventually
vanish. Free education, free hospital care, cheap
gas prices, affordable or free housing, marriage
incentives, and etc. shall eventually come to an
end. Taxes shall be imposed on the people and
the newly created central bank of Libya and
international banks shall siphon off Libyan wealth
through crooked loans and other deals with most
of the profits going into the pockets of
international banking families. Profits from the
Libyan oil companies will eventually be paid in
great dividends to a select few and not go to the
government in taxes to serve the real needs of
the Libyan people.

However, the above is not the most racist crime
committed against Libya by President Obama,
the United States, and NATO. The racist crime
and a crime against humanity was the fact that
NATO and the United States bombed Libya with
depleted uranium bombs. The bombs were
tipped with depleted uranium, as a hardening
agent, to make it easier for these bombs to
penetrate buildings, bunkers, tanks, hangers,
and so on.

Depleted uranium bombs become highly radio
active once they explode. The bombs split into
30% shrapnel and 70% toxic oxides, including
uranium oxide - highly radio active, so much so
that many call them dirty bombs. The radio active
dust from these bombs settles on the ground,
floors, buildings, and in water. The dust settles
on people, animals, insects, and plant life -
contaminating all. The dust is impossible to get
rid of safely, polluting the environment for more
than 4 billion years - not a mistake.

Depleted uranium bombs cause organ damage,
lung cancer, bone cancer, skin damage, bowel
diseases, and worst of all, chromosome damage.
People get sick and die right away, if they survive
the 18,000 degree burning of the bombs, or they
slowly get sick and die over a long period of time
from strange to unexpected illnesses. Worst of
all, unborn babies exposed to the radiation from
their mothers or fathers most likely will be born
with mild to gross deformities from chromosome
damage that floats from one generation to the
next, and beyond.

As long as people live in the contaminated areas,
this process will repeat itself to the new and old
occupying the hot zones, and even transient
visitors shall so be afflicted to one degree or
another. The victims of these uranium depleted
bombs will have to deal with the side effects of
these satanic bombs for many generations to
come. And that is why the United Nations have
classified depleted uranium weapons illegal and
as weapons of mass destruction, and we know
for sure the horrible side effects of these
weapons via evidence from the Persian Gulf War
fought against Iraq in 1990, contaminating
soldiers and civilians alike.

So, the United States and NATO were fully aware
of what damage they were causing with their
depleted uranium bombs from the employment of
these weapons. They didn’t care about the harm
they were causing people of color. With President
Obama at the head of this murderous cabal, the
decision to use these weapons was an act of
racism, naked racism for the world to see.

And we are also mindful that President Obama
has not uttered a single word against those who
have and are engaging in ethnic cleansing of
native Blacks and migrant Black workers in Libya
- racist Arabs who were and are using the “civil
war” as a cover to expel or exterminate the Blacks.

Sorry, we are compelled to tell the truth.Obama's
actions define him as a racist.
The Longevity of Ancient Blacks…

We have been misled into believing that the
human population during ancient times was very
small and that the average life expectancy of
people was very short, around 33 years in
longevity with a global population of 27 million
people at 2000 BC. However, that may be true for
White people, having a small population and
short life expectancy, but it was not true for most
Black people. We ask the question, how would
White people have any way or method of
calculating the sizes of ancient Black populations
and how long the people in these populations

We acknowledge the fact that Aryans had a small
population and short life spans at 2000 BC in
Europe, before and after the date, but it was
because they were always killing themselves and
had a lack of food. Warfare and restricted food
supply kept their populations small. When wars
ceased and food supplies increased populations
and life spans also increased. They also
increased because of hygiene and a plentiful
supply of fresh food.

No one can ever know or have any idea of the
population sizes and longevity in the ancient
world in Aryan cultures, brown cultures, or Black
cultures with a stable degree of specificity. We
can only speculate or simply trust the information
left behind by ancient geographers. And from
what they have reported, the Black populations
on the planet were teeming in numbers and
some of us had mind-boggling longevity. The
ancient Egyptians population at 2000 BC was
around 5 million - a massive population for the
time, and Ethiopia had a population much greater
than that of Egypt. And Libya’s population was
equal to or greater than that of Ethiopia. For
certain, the African population, inclusive of Egypt,
Ethiopia, and Libya was at least 15 million,
leaving only 12 million for the rest of the said
world. Of course, this could not be true -
meaning the global population at 2000 BC was
well above 27 million people when Asian and
White people are added to the figure - China,
India, Russia, etc…

In ancient times, the average life expectancy of
the following Black populations, as reported by
the ancient geographers, are as follows:

Libyans -                         80 years
Egyptians -                      80 years
Ethiopians -                    120 years
Children of the Sun -      150 years  

Herodotus, an ancient Greek geographer,
traveled throughout Libya, Egypt, and Asia Minor.
He saw and studied the populations of these
regions. He says of the Egyptians and Libyans,
“Even without this, the Egyptians are the
healthiest of all men, next to the Libyans: the
reason of which to my thinking is that the climate
in all seasons is the same; for change is the great
cause of men’s falling sick, more especially
changes of seasons.”

At the time Herodotus traveled the known world
of color, the people of whom he spoke, lived in
peace with the world and among themselves.
Herodotus did not have to guess at their
longevity. He only had to ask, and they told him
how long the expected to live.

There were two groups of Egyptians, Upper
Egyptians (southerners) and Lower Egyptians
(northerners). The Upper Egyptians lived longer
than the Lower Egyptians. The northerners life
expectancy was around 80 years. Above the
Upper Egyptians’ longevity were the Ethiopians.
The Ethiopians lived south of Egypt with their
heartland being the modern countries of Sudan
and South Sudan. However, all of Africa east and
west, and south of the Sudans was considered
Ethiopia by the Ancients. When the ancient
geographers spoke of Ethiopians in particular it
was the people who lived in Sudan and South
Sudan of which they spoke.

Herodotus studied the Ethiopians in his ancient
time and wrote much information about them.
The Ethiopians called their once spying visitors
Fish-eaters. Herodotus wrote about an Ethiopian
king who took the fish-eaters on a tour of his
country. He wrote, “The Fish-eaters then in turn
asking of the Ethiopian length of life and diet, he
said that most of them attained to an hundred
and twenty years, and some even to more; their
food was boiled meat and their drink milk.” Boiled
meat and milk were their staple food. However,
they also ate fruits, vegetables, and grains - and
their meat mainly consisted of beef, goat, and
fowl. And it is interesting to note in a side bar that
at this time and before, Ethiopia was considered
as the greatest nation on the planet by the
Ancients, secular and religious alike.

South of Ethiopia and east of Africa lived a
unique Black race called “The Children of the
Sun.” What we know about them today was
recorded by Diodorus of Sicily. He says, “And the
inhabitants, they tell us, are extremely long-lived,
living even to the age of one hundred and fifty
years, and experiencing for the most part no
illness.” These Children of the Sun committed
suicide at the age of 150 years by using a gentle

The Children of the Sun was the longest living
population of people recorded outside of the
bible, and as far as we know - they were of the
San people. They had beautiful bodies and they
were an independently literate people who lived
on an island off the coast of East Africa, perhaps
living on the modern island of Zanzibar.

I do not want to give the impression that all of the
ancient Blacks lived very healthy and long lives,
just certain populations. For many populations of
Blacks had short lives and troubled health as
pointed out in the ancient geographers
dissertations on Ethiopians of the wild. However,
the populations with longevity, as a norm, are the
ones of interest here.Their long life span was
primarily because of genes, but diet and lifestyle
played significant roles in their long lives. One
can research forever trying to figure out why they
lived so long, but we should not get lost in the
jungle over yielding to the path of common
sense. The auxiliary reasons why they lived so
long are as follows:

Fresh and natural foods.
Clean water and environment.
Vitamin rich foods
Low sodium diets.
Not overeating.  
Physical exercise.
Relaxing lifestyle.
Avoidance of harmful addictions.

Mega-longevity was not just a thing of ancient
time, but has been noticed in Africa by the
European explorers in the 1700s and 1800s.
Verney Lovett Cameron, the first European
explorer to cross Equatorial Africa from sea to sea
recorded, “Magomba, who was chief of Kanyenye
when Burton passed in 1857, was still in power,
being reported by his subjects to be over three
hundred years of age and to be cutting his fourth
set of teeth….Another instance of the
extraordinary longevity of the African races was
noticed by Dr. Livingston at Ma Kacembe’s. He
found there in 1871 or in 1872 a man named
Pembereh, who had children upwards of thirty
years of age when Dr. Lacerdae e Almeida visited
that place in 1796. And this Pembereh was still
living, according to the Arabs in 1874, and must
then have been at least a hundred and thirty

Now the important question is if certain
populations of Black people lived so long on the
planet, what has happened to us today? The
answer is very simple and obvious - cigarettes,
alcohol, drugs, chemicals, and exposure to
environmental pollution. What is not so obvious is
most of us subsist on diets lacking in vitamins,
especially in Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is for
the health of the lungs, skin, and eyes as we well
know. Vitamin C fights diseases, cancer, and
maintain the youthful outline of the body.

Unfortunately, we Black people, for some
obscure reason, have mainly become meat eaters
all around the world. The problem with that is the
meats we eat with gluttony have little or no
vitamins to enhance and maintain our health,
longevity, and youth. We are literally eating
ourselves to broken bodies and premature graves.

In the Western world and culture, canned and
frozen foods are saturated with sodium - which is
lethal to Black people. The high intake of sodium
ravages the Black body, and sodium is found in
great abundance in bread as well. Sodium
poisoning causes damage to your arteries, heart
problems, strokes, kidney damage or failure, and
sexual dysfunction among the victims, young and

Lastly, overeating and a lack of physical exercise
harm one’s health as well. The Black human
body was designed to be active, slim, lithe, and
strong. Being physically active suppose to help
maintain one’s youth and optimum weight - to
burn up the extra or unneeded pounds. Walking
just three miles a day can increase your life by
several years and by several decades if a Black
person subsist on a real African diet over the
"caveman" diet.

The caveman diet mainly consisted of red meat
and anything they could find to survive from
greens to berries by happenstance.
Garlic and Vitamin C...

Garlic was once the anti-biotic of the ancient
world. It has since been displaced by modern
medication. However, as an anti-biotic, garlic is
superior. In its raw and crushed state, hands
down, garlic is the most potent anti-biotic on the
planet. The ancient Egyptians used it to cure
many diseases. It works on all bacterial diseases
on the planet from malaria to dysentery at very
little monetary cost in just a few days or up to a
week - sometimes overnight.

Vitamin C is the most potent anti-viral substance
found on the planet. In ancient days human
ancestors got their Vitamin C from foods like
strawberries, citrus fruits, peppers, melons,
greens, broccoli, tomatoes, and other foodstuff.
Vitamin C is also a youth maintaining vitamin and
an anti-cancer vitamin. Consuming Vitamin C in
food form is for disease prevention. However, to
use it to treat cancer or disease is a little
complicated and requires deeper knowledge.
Anwar Sadat: last Black ruler of Egypt.  He was
assassinated on October 6, 1981.
Jarawa women of the Andaman Island: the oldest human culture on the planet,
over 70.000 continuous years.
The remains of Lucy, a 4 million year
old woman's skeleton found in Ethiopia
in 1974. Her skeletal structure was
equal to that of modern humans. Lucy
rejects the theory that modern people
developed from ape-like creatures.
Coin of Hannibal: he was the greatest military general who ever lived. He fought the
Roman Empire for 16 years without losing a single battle.
pyramid of
Sudan, Africa:
Sudan has
more ancient
pyramids than
Zero evidence exists to show that prehistoric Africans
looked like apes in any fashion. They looked like humans
- not
monkeys. Yet, when White scholars have their
pictures drawn they make them look like upright walking
chimps. However, apes and humans are two separate
species with a different chromosome count. Racism is
involved in trying to convince people what our prehistoric
ancestors looked like millions of years ago. Black people
look nothing like apes.
The beautiful dark skin that Black people have
been taught to hate by Whites. And to say that the
beautiful dark-skinned women here developed
from apes is laughable and an act of treason
against the human race.
Menes: the first Pharaoh and
founder of ancient Egypt
around 3000 BC
This is the oldest known image of Jesus Christ and his Disciples, probably from the
First Century AD. It can be found in the Coptic Museum of Cairo. The images of Christ
gradually turned to White as White people gained control over much of Christianity by
adopting it as their religion.
Mark Dean: a Black man who largely
invented the compact personal
computer as we know it today.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: the first female
president of an African country and the first
female president of Liberia. She also won the
Nobel Peace Prize on October the 7th, 2011.
In that same year she became president of
Liberia - a once war torn nation not too long
The Nile River branching off from Lake Victoria in Jinja, Uganda - its main
source of water.
A 5th Century image of Jesus
Christ, the second oldest known
image of Christ.
Bob Marley
Art works from the Nok civilization of Nigeria. This culture flourished from 1000 BC to
500 AD. It is known for its beautiful art work, domestication of the horse, and the
smelting of iron before 1000 BC. Many scholars give it a starting date of 500 BC.
However, there is considerable evidence that Nok was well established by 1000 BC and
could have been independently smelting iron around 1500 BC, placing it among the first
producers of the Iron Age, discovering iron independently from the rest of the world.
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